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It is richly illustrated with thousands of color and black-and-white plates, which are all found together at the back of each volume.

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Encyclopedia of Architecture: Design, Engineering, Construction This set is comprised of scholarly articles and bibliographies on all aspects of architecture - style, design, construction, technology, economics, organizations, movements, and people. This multivolume set is really an encyclopedia.

An authoritative and scholarly work, it will provide you with the historical background that is necessary to understand medieval art.

The Monstrous Other in Medieval Art

Oxford Companion to Christian Art and Architecture This is a handy one-volume encyclopedia on all aspects of Christian art and architecture of all time periods. Its short articles can help you greatly in understanding the religious traditions and subject matter that permeate medieval art.

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It is also available online. Humanities Librarian. Leanna Goodwater. Luna Collection.

Apollo Belvedere. Please be aware that many more may be found by searching Josiah or consulting with your librarian. A great place to start for general information on artists, movements, sites, and more is this online encyclopedia:. Giuseppe Cades. Drawing, Ara Pacis: Tellus.


Rome, BCE. Photograph by Brooke Hammerle. Our Dancing Daughters. Directed by Harry Beaumont.

ARTH 210: Medieval Art and Architecture

Samuel Collings. Overthrow of the Arts! Etching, Anne S. Brown Military Collection.

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Note: Bibliographies on specific persons may be found by searching the subject's name followed by his birth and death dates in the library catalog along with the term "bibliography. For example: Wright, Frank Lloyd, -- Bibliography. Search this Guide Search. Visual Art Resources. Oxford Art Online This link opens in a new window. Located in Rock Reference. The Oxford Dictionary of the Classical World Online dictionary, includes art among many other topics.

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This is the place to go for succinct definitions of terms relating to art and architecture. Freely available from the Getty. Electronic resource from Oxford. Located on Rock A-level. Macmillan Encyclopedia of Architects Standard reference source in the field, though not recently updated. Last published in